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About Orofer Xt Tablet 10

Iron and Vitamin B9 deficiency are treated and prevented using this supplement Orofer XT tablet. It also aids in the development of red blood cells (RBCs) and platelets, both of which are known to play important roles in oxygen supply.

It is also used to treat iron-deficiency anaemia, which can develop as a result of persistent blood loss or insufficient iron consumption. It is also suggested for meeting the body's iron needs and preventing anaemia during pregnancy and lactation. The syrup is also often used to treat anaemia caused by a folic acid deficiency.

The major constituents of Orofer XT tablet are iron (in the form of ferrous ascorbate) and folic acid (Vitamin B9). Orofer XT tablet, which includes iron in the form of ferrous ascorbate, aids in the rapid absorption of iron. Folic acid is required for the production of healthy red blood cells in both children and adults, as well as the prevention of anaemia.

This tablet is generally considered to be safe, with few or no adverse effects. However, if you are taking any other drugs or nutritional supplements, you should tell your doctor to avoid drug interactions. Orofer XT Tablet is used to diagnose and treat anaemia, chronic blood loss, poor nutrition, folate deficit, and iron deficiencies. It can cause nausea, allergic responses, gastrointestinal pain, and a bitter taste in the mouth.

It is used to treat and prevent various types of anaemia, including iron deficiency anaemia and folic acid deficiency anaemia. Orofer XT Tablet is often used during pregnancy and lactation to avoid anaemia. It also improves nutrient absorption, increases physical energy, and aids in the creation of red blood cells and platelets.

Taking a lot of Vitamin C or drinking orange juice on a daily basis, together with iron-rich foods, might assist the body to maintain optimal iron and folic acid levels. Beetroots, dates, sweet potatoes, and pomegranate are just a few examples of iron-rich foods. Leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, beets, legumes, broccoli, and folic acid-fortified foods are all high in folic acid. 

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How Orofer Xt Tablet 10 Works

Orofer XT tablet functions by increasing the body's synthesis of red blood cells (RBC) and haemoglobin (a protein). As a result, the body produces a suitable amount of RBC, ensuring that each tissue receives adequate oxygen. Orofer XT tablet uses: It is used to treat and prevent many types of anaemia, including iron deficiency and folic acid deficiency anaemia. It is often used during pregnancy and lactation to avoid anaemia.


Uses of Orofer Xt Tablet 10

The following diseases, ailments, and symptoms are treated, controlled, prevented, and improved with Orofer XT tablet:

Deficiencies in iron,


Nutritional anemias, pregnancy, infancy, and childhood anemias are all treated,


Treatment of megaloblastic anemia caused by a folic acid deficiency,

During pregnancy, the body's requirement for folate increases,

Unhealthy eating habits,

Folic acid deficiency causes anemia, Deficiency in folate,

Orofer Xt tablet may also be used for poor meal absorption.

Direction for Use

Directions to use Orofer Xt Tablet 10

Follow your doctor's instructions for the dosage and duration of Orofer XT tablet. As your doctor tells you, you can take Orofer XT Tablet with or without food as long as you swallow the whole tablet with a glass of water. Do not crush, chew, or break it. It's not worth it. It is given by a doctor or nurse. Do not give yourself medicine.

Side Effects

Side effects of Orofer Xt Tablet 10

The majority of side effects of Orofer XT tablet are minor and will go away as your body adjusts to the medicine. If they don't go away or you're concerned about them, Consult with your doctor. Orofer XT Tablet has no adverse effects when used as directed by your doctor.

Adverse effects of Orofer XT tablet



Allergic Rejection,

Bitter Taste In The Mouth.


When consumed in large quantities, however, it might cause skin rashes, stomach discomforts, diarrhea, and vomiting. Furthermore, taking too much of this supplement may interfere with the absorption of other minerals such as zinc and Vitamin B12.

Yes, but you should first seek medical advice. Orofer XT Tablet, in general, aids in the treatment and prevention of several types of anemia. Orofer XT Tablet aids in the prevention of iron and a folic acid deficiency during pregnancy, breastfeeding, surgery, or nutritional malabsorption.

Because anemia symptoms are faint and ambiguous, they are frequently overlooked. However, neglecting these signs can have long-term consequences. Fatigue, shortness of breath, brittle nails, pale complexion, peculiar cravings (such as for ice cubes, clay, chalk, etc. ), chest pain, numbness, black stools, heavy or irregular periods, and restless leg syndrome are all common signs of anemia.

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Emcure House, T 184, M.I.D.C. Bhosari, Pune 411026

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