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Truemeds, your partner in medicine, provides simple navigation and sells prescription and non-prescription medications and daily necessities at the lowest prices. Your overall healthcare cost can be cut by about 20 to 50% as Truemeds sells products from prestigious India’s pharmaceutical companies.
Some of the challenges that Truemeds solves include spending costs on medication, offering details of disease conditions, and enabling patients to make wiser choices on their medication charges. Trust is a major factor when ordering medicines online, and Truemeds has stood up to expectations in terms of reliability and authenticity.

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  • Over 2 lakhs+ medicines & healthcare products available
  • Delivering to 18000+ pin codes
  • 24x7 available service
  • Free Doctor Consultation

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We have a range of categories and products, some of which are:


Truemeds supplies a range of products, including brand and generic medicines. Price is another factor you can compare when purchasing medicines so that you can choose the affordable price.

Personal Care

Truemeds has the best brands in personal care. Our Personal Care Products are of superior quality, ensuring that customers' high expectations are met.

Health Conditions

Truemeds offers affordable solutions for different health conditions, such as skin conditions, diabetes, liver conditions, heart conditions, and digestive problems. You can save big in the Health Condition products category.

Vitamins & Supplements

Truemeds offers a range of immune booster products, including vitamins and supplements products, to help maintain strength and health. These products bolster defences against several diseases and prevent infections.

Diabetes Care

Truemeds offers a variety of diabetes care products to help you manage your diabetes. These items address many sides of diabetes care, like Blood Glucose Monitors and adhering to a nutritious diet.

Healthcare Devices

Truemeds has a vast collection of healthcare devices, and that too, at affordable prices. With these reasonable rates, your home budget won’t be affected. Explore this vast collection and buy the healthcare device you need at a low cost.



Truemeds offers products in various categories, including medicines, personal care, health conditions, vitamins and supplements, diabetes care, and healthcare devices.

Truemeds offers affordable solutions for various health conditions such as skin conditions, diabetes, liver conditions, heart conditions, and digestive problems.

Truemeds offers personal care products from the best brands, ensuring superior quality to meet customers' high expectations.

Truemeds offers a variety of diabetes care products, including those for monitoring blood sugar and supporting adherence to a nutritious diet.

Yes, Truemeds has a vast collection of healthcare devices at affordable prices, ensuring your home budget won’t be affected.

Truemeds provides a range of healthcare devices, such as BP monitors, nebulisers, and lumbosacral belts, ensuring you can find what you need at an affordable price.

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