Natural and home remedies for heart attack prevention

By Dr. Sachin Singh | 24th Jan 2022

Natural and home remedies for heart attack prevention

Heart attack is the leading cause of death, but it is not unavoidable. While some risk factors, such as family history, gender, or age, cannot be changed, there are numerous ways to heart attack prevention. Here are some of the necessary steps to be considered to prevent heart attack.

What is a heart attack?

A heart attack occurs when the blood supply to the heart muscle is decreased or stopped. This is commonly caused to atherosclerosis, where the arteries narrow owing to plaque formation (fat, cholesterol, and other substances). These plaques can break off and cause blood clots. In addition to blocking blood flow to the heart, coronary artery clots cause ischemia, causing damage or death of heart muscle. This is a heart attack. Myocardial infarction is the medical word (MI).

What can we do for heart attack prevention?

1. Get regular health screenings:

Blood pressure and cholesterol levels that are too high can harm your heart and blood vessels. You won’t know if you have certain illnesses unless you get tested. Regular screening can help you figure out what your statistics are and whether or not you need to act or take care of them which helps heart attack prevention.

2. Quit smoke or use of tobacco:

Tobacco contains chemicals that are known to be harmful to the heart and blood vessels. Cigarette smoke reduces the oxygen in your blood, raising your blood pressure and pulse rate because your heart must work harder to provide enough oxygen to your body and brain. However, there is some good news. In as short as a day after quitting, your risk of heart attack begins to decrease and helps heart attack prevention.
Your risk of heart disease lowers to around half that of a smoker after a year without smoking. You’ll start experiencing benefits as soon as you quit smoking, no matter how long or how much you smoked.

3. Exercise regularly:

Regular exercise can help heart attack prevention. Physical activity helps you maintain a healthy weight and do heart attack exercise, reduces the risk of acquiring other heat-related illnesses such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and Diabetes type -2.

4. Maintain a healthy weight:

Obesity raises your risk of heart disease, especially as you approach middle age. Excess weight can lead to illnesses like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes, all of which raise your risk of getting heart disease.
Overweight is defined as a BMI of 25 or higher, linked to higher cholesterol, blood pressure, and a higher risk of heart disease. Reducing your weight can help lower your blood sugar, lower your cholesterol, and lessen your risk of type 2 diabetes this is how you can prevent heart attack.

5. Manage stress:

A stressful scenario starts a chain reaction. Adrenaline, a hormone that causes your breathing and heart rate to speed up, as well as your blood pressure to rise, is released by your body for a brief period. The “fight or flight” response is triggered by these reactions, and it prepares you to deal with the circumstance.
Stress management is beneficial to your heart health and well-being which prevents heart attack. Fortunately, you can control stress by doing things like exercising regularly.

  • Making time for family and friends.
  • Getting enough sleep is essential.
  • Keeping an optimistic frame of mind.
  • Relaxation techniques are being practised.
  • Finding a stimulating pastime that can be enjoyable while also distracting you from unpleasant thoughts or worries is a good idea. This will help in heart attack prevention.

6. Sleep well:

Sleep deprivation can do more than just make you drowsy; it can also be harmful to your health. Obesity, hypertension, heart attack, diabetes, and depression are all enhanced by lack of sleep. The majority of adults require at least seven hours of sleep every night. Make sure getting enough sleep, a significance in your life. Style a sleep schedule for yourself and follow it every day by going to bed and waking up at the same time. This scheduling will assist in heart attack prevention.

7. Eat a heart-healthy regime:

A nutritious heart diet can help in heart attack prevention, lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and lower your risk of type 2 diabetes. A heart diet-healthy meal plan will involve this food product:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • legumes (beans and other legumes)
  • Fish and lean meats
  • Low-fat or fat-free milk
  • Grain (whole)
  • Good fats like mustard oil, and olive oil.

Home remedies for heart attack

There are various home remedies for heart attack prevention. If you have chest pain, see a doctor first to rule out more serious causes like a heart attack.

1) Arjuna Bark:

It is a powerful heart tonic and cardiovascular protector. It is the home remedy that strengthens the cardiac muscles, which helps in heart attack prevention improves coronary artery blood flow circulation and protects the heart muscle from hypoxic damage. Arjuna with milk decoction is a well-known heart tonic. Cholesterol and triglyceride levels can be improved by using arjuna bark powder or extract.

2) Green Tea:

When it comes to the leading causes of death, heart attacks are near the top. Green tea is a home remedy that can lower cholesterol levels, and reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack. Green tea can help to decrease bad cholesterol levels in the blood and prevent heart attack.

3) Turmeric:

Turmeric is one of the home remedies for heart attack, it’s a golden yellow spice found in Indian cuisine. The health advantages of turmeric are undoubtedly well-known. Turmeric’s yellow colour is because of the compound curcumin in it. It’s also responsible for medicinal properties.

Curcumin aids in lowering bad cholesterol, reducing inflammation, and preventing blood clots. Turmeric’s health benefits are widely acknowledged.

4) Garlic:

Garlic has a strong odour, yet it can elevate the flavour of your dishes. It also helps in heart attack prevention. This heart home remedy can assist with a range of ailments, including the common cold, infections, and high blood pressure. Fresh garlic lowers blood pressure, lowers bad cholesterol, and reduces oedema. Garlic may aid you to prevent heart attack.

5) Capsicum:

Red bell peppers are substantial in lycopene, preventing heart attack, whereas green bell peppers are full of fibre, lowering cholesterol. Homocysteine levels that are elevated are associated with an increased risk of heart attacks. Bell peppers are rich in vitamin B6 and folate, which encourage the reduction of homocysteine levels. Furthermore, the potent antioxidants vitamins A and C found in these vegetables contribute to the detoxification of free radicals. Bell peppers contain potassium, which lowers blood pressure by about 162 milligrams and is also good for heart health and heart attack prevention.

6) Cinnamon:

Cinnamon has been consumed for thousands of years and is recognized for its medicinal benefits. Its effectiveness to decrease harmful cholesterol levels is one of these qualities. Reduces blood pressure. According to studies, adding cinnamon to your food daily can help you prevent heart attack.

7) Cayenne pepper:

It aids in blood circulation throughout the body. Cayenne contains a chemical called capsaicin, which may help decrease blood pressure and heart attack prevention. A healthier heart is one with increased blood flow and decreased blood pressure.

8) Coriander:

Coriander is a herb that is used in a variety of dishes around the world. Low bad cholesterol and blood pressure are both risk factors for heart disease. Coriander can help lower blood pressure by acting as a diuretic and help to prevent heart attack.

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