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Reduce Anxiety: 14 Mindfulness Tricks

Written byDr. Sonia Gupta

Last updated on : 20 May, 2024

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Being mindful means slowing down and appreciating the little moments we often ignore. The mind needs to be calmed by giving attention to the body. Incorporate brief periods of mindfulness throughout the day using all these strategies to reduce stress and find mental peace.

1. Think of what you want to accomplish and aim for it.

Setting an objective can help you stay focused and remind you why you are doing something. You can do this in your morning journal or before a significant task. If you’re nervous about giving a presentation at work, aim to help you get through it.

2. Start meditating or practising mindfulness with a guided session.

Finding a spare moment and a suitable app is required to begin meditating. There is no better way to start a new hobby or skill than with the help of an app or an online program. There are various free, professionally guided meditations available on the web.

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3. Use your creativity to colour.

Allow yourself time to be creative. You’ll be able to express creativity while also resting your mind. Do you find drawing difficult? Buy a colouring book, whether you’re an adult or not. You’ll benefit from feeling accomplished.

4. Get outside and walk around.

Just going outside and walking around can do wonders for relieving stress. Begin by strolling around the block to gauge your level of motivation. Listen to the birds chirping, feel the breeze, inhale deeply, and inhale the aromas. Put your phone away (or, better yet, leave it at home) and immerse yourself in the experience by tuning into your senses and the world around you.

5. Sending positive thoughts and prayers to others

The author and early Googler Chade-Meng Tan suggest a simple exercise that may be completed in under a minute. Make spontaneous wishes for other people’s happiness throughout the day. You can set the tone of encouragement without telling the person.

Meng’s ideas may have merit, as she has been nominated for eight Nobel Peace Prizes. Get some practice on your way to and from work, at the gym, or while waiting in a queue. If someone annoys or upsets you about someone, try to pull yourself together and (mentally) wish them happiness instead.

6. Look at the sky

You should look at the stars and the screen in front of you. Whether taking out the garbage or arriving home late, take a few deep breaths and gaze at the stars. Allow the universe to remind you that there is more to life than your problems and inbox.

7. Give it some thought.

Making tea is an essential task. Set up a place to practice and focus on each step. How do the leaves smell when you pull them off? What does the water look like before the tea is added? Watch the steam rise from the cup and feel the warmth of the cup on your hand. If you have time, sip your tea without getting too busy. Don’t like tea? You can easily do this while making rich, good-smelling French-pressed coffee.

8. Pay attention to one thing at a time.

If used correctly, your to-do list can be a form of mindfulness. Give one task your complete and undivided attention for five minutes—no multitasking, including checking your phone, clicking notifications, or browsing the internet. Allow that one task to take centre stage until the timer goes off.

9. Leave your phone

In the bathroom, take a minute for yourself and your needs. Take a moment to sit and breathe before eating. When you use the restroom, Place your cell phone in another room.

10. Relax your mind while you do housework.

Stop worrying about your to-do list or the mess around you, and just enjoy the moment. You can dance while you do the dishes or watch the soap run down the tiles while you clean the shower. While waiting for the microwave to stop, take five slow breaths.

11. Scribbling your thoughts

There is no correct way to keep a journal. Putting pen to paper, whether structured or scribbled on a random scrap, can help calm the mind and control chaotic thoughts. Try keeping a gratitude journal or simply jotting down the three finest events of the day.

12. Stop at red lights

Despite popular belief, you can only time travel or move vehicles when you’re on time. At stop lights, concentrate instead of hurrying. Take four slow, deep breaths while waiting. 

13. Disconnecting from social media

Social networking can increase anxiety and decrease productivity. It’s surprising how often you need to think before you check social media. Logout. Retyping a password slows or stops you.

14. Take a look

Actively attempting to be present in every moment might increase worry and tension. Recognise when you need to relax and then let your thoughts go wherever it wants to.


Any amount of mindfulness is beneficial. The most important thing is to maintain regular mindfulness practice. Regular mindfulness practice can assist you in calming your mind and overcoming unfavourable feelings. At least five minutes daily for self-reflection and a relaxing meditation or mindfulness practice. You can avail of branded and generic medicines by uploading your prescription on the Truemeds app. When ordering medicines online, you may save money by selecting an alternative or generic medicine advised by Truemed’s expert doctors. You can save up to 72% on your purchase and get *free home delivery pan India.

Disclaimer – The information presented here should not be used to diagnose or treat any medical conditions or in a medical emergency. A qualified medical professional should be consulted to diagnose and treat all medical conditions.

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