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Effect of Seasons Upon Diseases and Their Prevention

Written byAmatul Ameen

Last updated on : 20 Jun, 2024

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Seasonal change brings a variety of changes around us. This also includes changes in infections or diseases.

Every season brings with it a set of specific diseases like

  • Winter brings cold, cough, and influenza
  • Monsoon brings dengue & malaria
  • Summer brings diarrhoea

Most frequently, the diseases caused in winter are viral infections. Wintry diseases are dry & itchy skin, colds, cough, influenza, bronchitis, etc. The temperature in summer is suitable for microorganisms and other insects to spread infections. Common diseases during summer are spread by mosquitoes, like malaria, dengue, etc. 

Water-borne diseases are typhoid, jaundice, heat stroke & sunburn, etc. Water-borne infections spread through infected food and water. 

Viral diseases are spread through infectious agents present in the air and transmitted through coughs and sneezing by people with infections.

Winter Diseases 

  • Cold is a prevalent, harmless disease that goes away on its own. 
  • The symptoms of a cold are cough, sore throat, and running nose. 
  • Sometimes severe cold will make us feel sick and very ill too.
  • The typical flu symptoms are headache, joint pain, tiredness, fever, and cough. 
  • Occasional symptoms include diarrhoea, sore throat, and runny nose. 
  • Impairment of taste and smell is present but in rare conditions.


Common colds usually disappear in a week, but some symptoms last longer. A running nose will stop in a day or two, but a cough takes at least a week to cure. Medications for cold will give only symptomatic relief as it is a viral infection, while antibiotics are never prescribed as they are viral but not bacterial infections. The common cold is caused due to a variety of viruses, if one goes the other may arise. The severity of a cold depends on the immunity of an individual.   

Treatment of Flu is mainly through vaccination and secondly through chemoprophylaxis (Use of drugs to prevent disease)

Prevention of winter illness 

All the mentioned diseases bring symptoms that are either simple or complicated. Season-induced infections are natural, but being cautious and following precautions keep the diseases at bay. 

  1. One should maintain distance from the infected person to avoid the common cold.
  2. You should wash your hands frequently to avoid the entry of infectious agents.
  3. Disinfect the surfaces when you have a cold to avoid spreading infections.
  4. Do not use regular items like cups, plates, and towels, which may carry infectious agents.
  5. The used clothes of patients should be properly washed. Used tissues should be disposed of immediately. 
  6. Vaccination & chemoprophylaxis is the best form of prevention in cases of flu. 
  7. Vaccinations should be done annually, and chemoprophylaxis is a good option for vaccinated persons who are allergic to eggs.
  8. Safe drinking water and purified water can avoid waterborne diseases.
  9. Killing household insects & pesticides.
  10. Wearing long sleeve tops and full-length trousers when going to places where mosquitoes are much.
  11. Apply mosquito repellant and use appropriate skin creams to avoid mosquito bites.


“Prevention is better than cure”; these lines suit best in case of seasonal diseases occurring during winter. Many a time, precautions will avoid these illnesses. Ensure to avoid more medications as the disease is temporary and goes away with the season. Eating foods which keep you safe from seasonal diseases is one good way to avoid infections. Immunity-building foods like lemons, gourd vegetables, and watermelons should be consumed for natural protection. 

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