The Monsoon Diet: How to Boost Your Immunity and Stay Healthy

By Nikhil Ambatkar | 13th Jun 2023

The Monsoon Diet: How to Boost Your Immunity and Stay Healthy

When the monsoon season arrives, it’s not just a relief from the intense summer heat; it also necessitates some modifications in our daily routine and eating habits. Knowing the distinctions between our summer and monsoon diet and how these minor changes can boost our overall well-being and weight management is crucial.

By understanding the science behind this seasonal shift, we can ensure a healthy and balanced lifestyle even during rainy days.

When the rainy season arrives, we often have fewer chances to engage in physical activity outdoors. Therefore, paying attention to the kind of food we consume becomes essential.

This blog will dig into why we should modify our diet for monsoon, offer food items beneficial for our health this season, nutrition to beat the monsoon and highlight the foods we should avoid.

Difference between summer and monsoon diet

Staying healthy during the rains is as essential as during the summer. Let’s look at why we prefer different types of food in the summer and monsoon seasons.

  • During the summer, we consume foods that help us beat the heat by keeping our body temperature down. On the other hand, during the monsoon, we focus on eating foods that enhance our immunity and aid digestion.
  • Hydrating foods are popular during the summer while consuming foods that help reduce water retention and strengthen digestion is commonly recommended during the rainy season.

The science behind changing the diet for monsoon

The rainy season can cause an increase in moisture levels, potentially resulting in impaired digestive function and heightened exposure to illnesses. Dietary adjustments can help strengthen the body’s defences, enhance digestion, and safeguard against illnesses like dengue, malaria and cholera.

Managing health and weight in the monsoon

Having limited opportunities to exercise outdoors can make it challenging to keep off extra pounds. One way to combat this is by maintaining a balanced diet.
Choosing lighter meals, increasing your intake of fibre-rich foods, and incorporating low-fat proteins are all great options to help manage your weight. Weight management with food can be done by adjusting your diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Foods to consume this monsoon

  • Try incorporating wholesome foods into your diet to enhance your body’s natural defence system.
  • Citrus fruits, bell peppers, garlic, and ginger are all known for their immune-boosting properties. Additionally, consuming lighter and more easily digestible food, such as soups, stews, steamed veggies, and herbal teas, might help keep your body functioning at its best.
  • To promote healthy gut flora, consider incorporating probiotic-rich foods like yoghurt and fermented vegetables into your meals.

Foods to avoid this monsoon

  • It’s essential to be cautious regarding food choices to prevent falling ill due to foodborne diseases during monsoon season. It’s best to avoid street food and dishes containing raw or undercooked ingredients.
  • It’s also advisable to limit the consumption of fried or oily foods, as these can be difficult to digest and contribute to weight gain.
  • To stay healthy, limiting sugary and carbonated beverages is recommended and instead opt for refreshing herbal teas or freshly squeezed fruit juices.

Takeaway Message

During the monsoon season, outdoor activities can be limited due to the weather. However, our health and weight management goals can be improved by changing the diet for monsoons. By adopting a diet specific to the monsoon season, we can ensure that we stay healthy and maintain our weight effectively.
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