Heartburn Home Remedies

By Amatul Ameen | 8th Mar 2023

Heartburn Home Remedies

The stomach contains acid, which is normal and required for the process “called digestion” (breaking of large food particles into smaller food particles). When the acid from the stomach goes up to the oesophagus(10-inch tube connecting the mouth to the stomach), the burning sensation called heartburn is felt. Heartburn can last from a few minutes to a few hours.

Acid reflux is when the acid in the stomach travels towards the oesophagus, which is in the wrong direction. Heartburn, as said, is a symptom caused due to acid reflux. In contrast, the cause of “acid reflux” in severe form can lead to Gastroesophageal reflux disease-GERD (GERD is when the valve or closure of the lower part of the oesophagus connecting the stomach becomes weak or works improperly). 

A study, “heartburn severity does not predict disease severity in patients with erosive esophagitis, ” has divided heartburn into three types on a 4-point scale. These are 

  1. Mild heartburn – it is characterised as being aware of symptoms and is easily tolerable 
  2. Moderate- it is characterised as discomfort but interferes with normal routine activities, which includes disturbed sleep)
  3. Severe is characterised as an incapacitating feeling with the inability to perform everyday activities, including disturbed sleep).

Typical heartburn symptoms are 

  • Burning sensation behind the breastbone in the chest region 
  • Burning pain which moves upward towards the throat
  • Sour and bitter taste in the mouth 

As said earlier, the cause of heartburn is acid reflux. Acid reflux results from trigger factors, which must be identified to avoid the triggers. It is quite a task to do that, but maintaining diary notes for food which trigger heartburn can undoubtedly help. A few trigger factors are listed below

  1. Consuming some typical foods like Spicy foods, Caffeine, carbonated beverages, alcohol, peppermint, citrus foods, tomato-based products, and chocolate.
  2. Overeating 
  3. Eating very fast
  4. Immediately lying down after eating 
  5. Being overweight/ obese 
  6. Smoking
  7. Stress 
  8. Anxiety

Heartburn Home remedies  

1. Foods rich in alkaline content 

Foods like ripe bananas are rich in potassium. Potassium can counteract the stomach acid irritating the oesophagus. Eating bananas regularly helps in managing and treating heartburn. Other foods rich in alkaline content are melons, cauliflower, fennel, and nuts are best as heartburn home remedies. 

2. Ginger 

Ginger and its products are quick and the most readily available heartburn home remedies. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and is best for heartburn. Chew a slice of ginger for instant heartburn relief, or warm a glass of water with ginger, then reduce it to half the volume and drink it. Make it a habit to add ginger to daily cooking to get the maximum benefit of this wonder root. 

3. Tulsi leaves 

Tulsi leaves are readily available in Indian households and are a natural cure for heartburn. The tulsi has both medicinal and spiritual significance. Chewing a few fresh leaves from your backyard or kitchen garden will instantly relieve the heartburn symptoms. Other preparations like tulsi tea and tulsi water can also relieve heartburn symptoms. It can be a permanent cure for heartburn when consumed regularly. Tulsi leaves help in mucus production inside the stomach, and it helps in soothing the stomach lining. 

4. Jaggery 

Jaggery acts as a coolant for the stomach. It helps in the digestion process. Eating jaggery at the end of the meal helps in digestion. It is one effective and readily available type of heartburn home remedies. 

5. Baking soda 

Baking soda can be used as a quick solution for heartburn. Add a pinch of baking soda to a glass of water and drink it. It is the most inexpensive and accessible home remedy at your disposal for heartburn. Baking soda neutralises the acid inside the stomach. 

6. Aloe juice 

Aloe juice is suitable for external applications. It works wonders inside the body too. Aloe juice soothes the stomach and oesophagal path. It will soothe the stomach and oesophagus. Take half a cup of aloe juice before eating. 

7. Apple cider vinegar 

Apple cider vinegar is easy to find in the kitchen cupboard, a kind of heartburn home remedies. It has multiple benefits, including heartburn. Add three teaspoons of cider vinegar to one cup of water and drink it before food or bedtime. The taste is unpleasant, so be prepared with this kind of heartburn home remedy before drinking it. 

8. Cold milk 

Cold milk is a magic heartburn home remedy for many digestion and stomach issues. It is a simple and very effective home remedy. A glass of cold milk relieves the acidity issue. Milk is rich in calcium, which will reduce stomach acidity, thereby helping prevent and reduce heartburn.

9. Mint leaves 

Mint leaves have both digestive and coolant properties. A cup of mint tea helps with heartburn. Mint tea is prepared by adding mint to boiling water, letting it cool a little, and drinking it while it is still warm. Mint leaves are called “pudina” in India. Apart from heartburn, mint leaves are used as a remedy for many other stomach conditions. 

Routine habits and lifestyle can also influence heartburn. Adopting a lifestyle which is gut friendly will help with acid reflux conditions. 

Lifestyle Modifications 

1. Weight loss 

Regular exercise will help in the case of obese or overweight people. One hundred fifty minutes of weekly exercise and a balanced diet are recommended to lose weight. Excess weight puts pressure on the stomach, increasing acid reflux and heartburn. This again, is the best heartburn home remedy.

2. Quit smoking 

Smoking affects health in two ways: firstly, it reduces saliva production, and secondly, it alters how the oesophagus valve functions. Both these functions will lead to heartburn. When smoking is reduced or stopped, it lessens the frequency and severity of heartburn. 

3. Adjusting sleep position 

Sleep position alteration will help with heartburn. Raise the head and chest position more significantly than the feet position. Sleeping in this height alteration will avoid heartburn. Additionally, sleeping on the left also helps in the digestion process, thereby reducing heartburn symptoms.

4. Stress reduction

Stress causes the slowing of the digestion process; the longer the time food is in the stomach greater the chances of acid production. The longer time the acid in the stomach is, the greater the chance of heartburn and acid reflux. 

5. Resisting the urge to overeat 

Eating in large portions fills the stomach more which exerts pressure on the valve of the oesophagus connecting the stomach. This kind of condition will result in acid reflux and then heartburn. 

6. Wear loose-fitting clothes 

Wearing belts or anything that exerts pressure on the belly will affect the stomach and contribute to heartburn symptoms. 


Heartburn is a symptom. But, if the symptom persists for longer than usual, it has to be investigated to rule out the possibilities of severe diseases like gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) there are many easy and quick heartburn remedies right within your reach in the kitchen or backyard. These remedies have little or no side effects and also show good results on following them religiously. Be sure to follow the instructions on the label of any herbal or natural remedies bought from the store. In case the symptoms of heartburn continue, then consult a doctor or gastroenterologist. Avail teleconsultation from our expert doctors on our online pharmacy when you order medicines, or you can also download our Truemeds app to do the same. Get branded as well as generic medicines by uploading your prescription on Truemeds. When ordering medicines online, you may save more money by selecting an alternative or generic medicine advised by Truemed’s expert doctors. We suggest alternative medicines only from the top 30 manufacturers. And also, save up to 72% on your purchase and get free home delivery pan India.

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