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How to Improve Poor Digestion Naturally at Home

Last updated on : 17 May, 2024

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We celebrate special occasions with our friends, family and closed ones; these fun times come with great food and sometimes junk foods too. Junk foods are associated with poor digestion and gas problems, which often lead to bloating, nausea, diarrhoea and other GIT complications.

While most digestive problems get solved on their own, many digestive problems require proper treatment and regular monitoring of the symptoms.

The food we eat is broken down into smaller particles of absorbable form for maximum absorption of nutrients, this is done by our digestive system. Now that we know the importance of the digestive system, we must also be aware of the various ways on how to keep the digestive system healthy.

Poor digestion and gas problems are common and seen in almost every household. Let us look at some amazing home remedies for our stomach problem solutions.

7 Home remedies for poor digestion and gas

We live in an era where every disease has a medicine, over counter medicines are available for even a minor cut we get!
Poor digestion and gas problems are accompanied by diarrhoea, nausea, stomach pain and many other GIT complications. Such symptoms shall be monitored and can be treated by proper home remedies.

So first let us understand why home remedies are beneficial than medicines.

Medicines are no wonder a boon to society but we often ignore the harmful side effects that come along with medicines. Many medicines can even cause addiction hence ruining a person’s health.

On the other hand, home remedies are completely organic with zero side effects. It is no wonder we require medicines to treat health conditions with ace, but home remedies are also equally important due to their potential to cause no side effects.

A question that comes to our mind is how to keep our stomach healthy and what home remedy should we follow?

Let us see 7 amazing home remedies and lifestyle changes on how to keep the digestive system healthy.

1. Eat plenty of fibre to improve poor digestion and gas

A fibre-rich diet is beneficial for a good digestive system, fibers maintain proper gut movement hence providing smooth passage to the stool.

Oats, nuts, fruits and seeds are rich in fibre content, hence used in cases of poor digestion and gas. A fibre-rich diet reduces the risk of digestive disorders like peptic ulcers, constipation or irritable bowel syndrome.

2. Chew your food properly

Many times, in a hurry we rush to take food without chewing the food completely. Improper chewing of food results in the partial breakdown of food material, this hampers the absorption of nutrients from the stomach.

Improper chewing results in the accumulation of larger parts in the stomach and the stomach has to maintain greater efforts to break down this solid food into smaller parts.

So, from now whenever you take your next meal make sure to properly masticate the food in your mouth for complete nutrient absorption.

3. Avoid late-night eating

It’s time to break the chain of EAT-SLEEP-REPEAT.
Most people have a habit of eating food and straight away lying in the bed. It is often advised by the doctors that dinner should be consumed at least 1-2 hours before your sleep. The body is not a machine; it requires time to digest the meal we had for our dinner.

Poor digestion and gas problems have been associated with people taking dinner just before sleep which is often accompanied by heartburn and indigestion.
Make a habit of walking a few steps daily, after consuming a meal. Walking is like exercise and reduces symptoms of poor digestion and gas related problems.

4. Consume gut supportive nutrients

There are wide nutrients present in the gut naturally, but there are cases when these essential nutrients are not present in desired value to meet the proper digestive cycle. In such cases, it is mandatory to consume supportive nutrients like-

  • Glutamine
  • Zinc
  • Probiotics

Nutritional supplements boost the gut motility and provide a proper peristaltic movement, hence widely used for poor digestion and gas cases.

5. Drink Mint tea

Poor digestion and gas are accompanied by indigestion and nausea. Mint tea is the most widely used stomach problem solution. Since Mint provides a soothing and cooling effect to the GIT organs hence it is a great cure for acid reflux and heat burns.

6. Consume liquid refreshments to stay hydrated

People with low water intake are suspected to have poor digestion and gas problems. People should consume at least 1.5-2 litres of water per day to keep their bodies hydrated.

Drinking adequate amounts of water is considered to be the most beneficial digestion problem solution.

During summers, there are times when the temperature shoots to 45 degrees. We must ensure to increase fluid intake in our diet.
In summers the best way to increase fluid intake is to drink fresh fruit juices since fruits are rich in fibre content and also help our body to stay hydrated for longer hours.

7. Dump bad habits to improve your poor digestion

A healthy lifestyle avoids poor digestion and gas-related complications, but what if you follow an unhealthy lifestyle?
Bad habits like consuming alcohol, smoking, and junk foods hamper the smooth functioning of the GIT and can also lead to digestive diseases.

Studies have revealed people who are habitual to smoking have higher chances of acidity and peptic ulcers. So, if you are a regular smoker quitting this bad habit is beneficial for your gut.

People who are addicted to alcohol often complain of poor digestion and gas related problems.
Regular alcohol intake increase’s acidity which leads to acid reflux, heartburn and ulcers in the stomach. Reducing alcohol consumption may help to improve digestive health.

So now after knowing various ways on how to keep our stomachs healthy it’s time that we start implementing them in our lives. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and quitting smoking and alcohol improve digestive health.

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