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Healthy Diet and Food for Acne

Last updated on : 05 Mar, 2024

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The condition of the skin in which pores become clogged with dirt, oil, or bacteria which in turn causes inflammation is generally referred to as acne. Multiple factors impact acne some of them include genes, hormones, inflammation, and environment.

We are aware that diet has been part of acne discussion for decades. So we often find ourselves wondering how an acne diet impacts acne or what might be the common foods that trigger acne etc.

We have often heard the age-old saying, ‘’You are what you eat’’ so it is pretty much given that what we eat will definitely affect our skin since it is the largest organ of our body.

We all love ourselves with clear acne-free skin. So what are the foods we need to avoid consuming in a huge quantity for a glowing, smooth acne-free face? The foods we need to prevent acne mainly include huge amounts of junk food, dairy products, refined grains, and sugar.

The main reason doctors advise us to cut back on foodstuffs like dairy is because milk increases insulin levels. Independent on its effect on blood sugar which could worsen acne severity. Junk food is also included in the list of foods to avoid to prevent acne. Because junk food mainly revolves around fried foodstuffs which could increase the risk of acne.

You also need to pay heed to the foodstuffs you may be sensitive toward and include them in your list of foods to avoid acne. What are the good foods that we could consume to lessen the chances of acne? They include foods containing omega-3 fatty acids, and probiotics like Yakult, green tea, turmeric etc.

1. Omega-3 Fatty acids

which are among good food for acne and are substances that show anti-inflammatory properties. Which could help to reduce the inflammation under our skin and thus reduce the risk of developing acne.

2. Probiotics

which are among good foods for acne that help in maintaining a clean gut and balanced levels of microbiome thus reducing inflammation.

3. Green tea:

It is among good foods for acne substances that have polyphenols as their constituents which are seen to reduce inflammation and lower sebum production.

4. Turmeric

which is among good food for acne and contains the chemical constituent anti-inflammatory polyphenol curcumin which keeps our blood sugar level in check. It improves sensitivity toward insulin and stops the growth of bacteria that causes acne.

It was believed that there was some sort of acne diet that could potentially make acne disappear forever. But it has been concluded in recent research that this acne diet is nothing but a myth. Developing healthy habits and eating foods low on the glycemic index and lowering dairy intake are some steps to improve your skin. You could very well possibly develop your own acne diet, which you realize could be compatible with your skin. 

Best foods to keep acne at bay or foodstuff that should be a part of your acne diet. 

  • Quinoa, whole wheat bread, brown rice fruits and vegetables like spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes, etc. 
  • Vitamin A, D, and E are also said to be among the best foods for acne. It has been observed that people with Vitamin A and Vitamin E deficiency showed an increase in acne. The best foods for acne containing Vitamin A are tuna, liver, feta cheese, butter, eggs, mackerel, etc. The best foods for acne containing Vitamin E are almonds, peanuts and broccoli. However, it is advised that we should not intake these supplements without consulting the doctor first even though these are good foods for acne.
  • The acne diet must also include micronutrients like zinc. Beans, pumpkin seeds, chickpeas, sunflower seeds, and shellfish are very good sources of zinc. It has been observed that people whose zinc intake is low thus lowering zinc levels may develop more acne. 

As mentioned above Diet for acne-free skin must not include high glycemic carbohydrates, trans fats, saturated fats and dairy. 

We are different people and therefore the needs of our bodies are different that is why it is observed that some people get more acne. When they eat specific foods and their developing a certain diet for acne-free skin is very important. 

  • Among the foods good for acne Kale might outshine other cabbage family members since it is the most packed with nutrients. Kale contains vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, reduces hyperpigmentation, and helps to even out the skin tone. 
  • Among the good foods for acne Vitamin C must be included in your acne diet as it helps in the formation of collagen and helps reduce acne scars faster by increasing cell regeneration. It is among the best foods for acne.
  • Among the good foods for acne, tomato is also among the most recommended food for acne. The Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and acidic nature of tomatoes reduce and help in clearing the acne on the face. So next time you go grocery shopping make sure you include tomatoes in your acne diet. 

To conclude, good foods for acne are those foodstuffs which have low levels of insulin and a low glycemic index. They might be the most clinically and scientifically associated factors relating to acne. An excessive amount of insulin is bad for acne and an acne diet with a high glycemic index increases the level of insulin in the body. Therefore best acne foods are those which have low glycemic loads which reduce insulin levels and decrease acne.

Diet for acne-free skin must include omega-3 fatty acids, green tea, probiotics, fruits, and vegetables that can lower the development of acne.

Diet for acne-free skin

Foods good for acne alleviate inflammation, and the following compounds are also regarded to be good for the skin:

  • The mineral zinc.
  • Vitamin A and E.
  • Chemicals are called antioxidants.

Some diets for acne-free skin include

  • Vegetables like carrots and apricots as well as sweet potatoes in their yellow or orange hues.
  • Tomatoes.
  • Blueberries.
  • Whole-wheat bread.
  • Brown rice.

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