Best home remedies for Tennis elbow

By Dr. Sachin Singh | 24th Aug 2022

Best home remedies for Tennis elbow

Define Tennis elbow

Tennis elbow: Lateral epicondylitis is caused by damaged tendons that attach muscles to the outer bone of the elbow (called the lateral epicondyle), which would be part of the humerus bone. So, consult the doctor and have tennis elbow treatment.

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Home remedies for tennis elbow

1. Give your elbow rest

Rest is the best way to ease elbow pain. Keep in mind that the tennis elbow is a repetitive stress injury that causes the tissues around the elbow joint to get inflamed and damage a little bit. When you hurt your elbow, the longer you can rest it. So, the tennis elbow treatment easier it will be to let the injured tissues recover in the

2. Massage with an ice pack

If you have tennis elbow treatment, icing can help reduce pain and inflammation. A simple way to relieve elbow pain is to massage it with an ice pack. You should massage the ice directly onto the painful part of the elbow for a few minutes (don’t let the ice touch the skin). Earlier on in an injury, ice massages can help.

3. Compress while also Providing Support

The RICE method is almost always the best way to treat injuries like tennis elbow. R for rest, I for ice, C for compression, and E for elevating. Compression helps reduce muscle fatigue. Wrap a compression bandage tight enough around your elbow so that you can feel the pressure.

You should be able to move your fingers well after putting on the bandage. If your lower arm feels cooler than the rest of your arm or skin, take the bandage off right away.

4. Delicate Exercise and Stretching

At each stage of recovery, moving your right elbow can help you get better faster. You’ll start with simple movements that stimulate blood flow and proceed to more coordinated moves that let you continue normal activities. For injuries that aren’t related to sports, the best exercises will be a little different from those for athletes in the tennis elbow treatment.

  • Getting a better grip

Due to pain in the forearm muscle tendon, the tennis elbow can often make it hard to grip something. Tools like therapy putty and exercise balls can be used to build strength and coordination in the hands, wrists, and forearms. This could mean doing exercises like squeezing, bending and straightening the wrist, and more. Your tolerance and progression will depend on your symptoms.  If you have tennis elbow, start with these lifting exercises.

  • Stretching

Tennis elbow is known to make the elbow joint and muscles around it stiff. With the right stretches, the tension in the forearm, wrist, and whole arm can be relieved quickly and function can be recovered. As with any stretch, you should pay attention to your symptoms and only push yourself to the point where you can handle the pain. This will help you from getting injured or making the problem even worst.

5. Over-the-Counter Pain Relievers

In tennis elbow treatment, the doctor will recommend ibuprofen and naproxen, which are over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers like Advil, Motrin, and Aleve, which can help ease the pain by reducing irritation. These prescription medicines are good to ease the pain.

In tennis, these are the main ways to treat your elbow. Make sure to follow the instructions to avoid side effects like nausea. If the pain doesn’t go away after a few days of taking these medications, consult a doctor about OTC pain relievers.

6. Using hot and cold treatments

If your injury is long-lasting or seems to come and go, a combination of hot and cold therapy may help the most. Switching between an ice pack and a heating pad is a great way to help the elbow feel better, relax, and also get blood moving. Switch between these two options twice or three times a day.

7. Elbow braces to support

Different kinds of elbow braces can help in different ways. A compression jacket doesn’t give much support, but it can help control swelling, and change how you use your arm to recover it. On the other hand, an elbow brace can give a little more support to reduce strain and let you rest.

Therefore, these are all home remedies for tennis elbow which can help you to ease the pain and reduce inflammation. If, it doesn’t work then consult your doctor and take treatment as per your symptoms.

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