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About Himalaya Liv 52 Syrup 200 ML

The birth of Himalaya Liv 52 Syrup dates back to 1955. Doctors worldwide recommend himalaya liv 52 syrup for hepatic disorders. Liv 52 Syrup has more than 300 scientific publications to its credit. 

Himalaya Liv 52 syrup is a herbal formulation. The composition of Himalaya Liv 52 syrup is chicory & caper bush. The chicory and The caper bush help in protecting the liver from damage and maintaining the overall health of the liver.

Himalaya Liv 52 protects the liver against attack by liver-specific chemicals. The benefits of Himalaya Liv 52 are the treatment of jaundice, improved appetite, digestion, and final absorption inside the body. It also helps in weight gain.

Medicine Activity

How Himalaya Liv 52 Syrup 200 ML Works

  • Chicorium intybus (kasani): The chicory is known to protect the liver against alcohol toxicity. The antioxidant property of chicory is due to its free radical scavenging function. Free radicals are high-energy and short-lived harmful particles affecting the human body. It also has a hepatoprotective function.
  • Capparis spinosa (Himsara): The Caper is an effective hepatoprotective herbal drug. It plays an essential role in controlling malondialdehyde in hepatic and liver cells, which is a biomarker, just like free radicals are very potent and high-energy particles. It is a cause of many chronic problems like cardiovascular diseases.
  • Madhur Bhasma: It is indicated for liver disorders and anaemia. It works against the contaminated food, which damages the liver. It is free of side effects and, therefore, can be used with other medicines. 
  • Solanum Nigrum (Kakamachi): Its extensively used to treat liver enlargement, osteoarthritis, inflammation and wounds. Warm solutions can be used locally for treating earaches. Being digestive, it treats loss of appetite, liver diseases, piles, splenomegaly, and dysentery.
  • Terminalia arjuna (Arjuna): The Terminalia arjuna has been proven to have ulcer-protective properties and liver & kidney-protective properties. 
  • Cassia occidentalis (kasamarda): Kasamarada is a good appetiser. The other benefits of cassia occidentalis include it helps reduce fever, helps in urine-related issues, and acts as an antidote for poison.
  • Achillea milleform (biranjasipah): It is an excellent anti-haemorrhoid used for internal and external bleeding. It is also helpful in treating gastrointestinal disorders like dyspepsia and spastic pain in the stomach.
  • Tamarix gallica (Jhavaka): Tamaraxin is the key ingredient of the Tamarix. It is used as a laxative in the treatment of the constipation. It is also indicated in bleeding disorders. 
  • The caper bush also inhibits alanine aminotransferase (ALT) & aspartame aminotransferase (AST) enzymes. Both enzymes are markers or signs of liver damage. They indicate liver damage due to cirrhosis, infection, cirrhosis, liver cancer or another disease. They are responsible for improving the functionality of the liver. The flavonoid in caper bush adds up to its antioxidant properties. 

Uses of Himalaya Liv 52 Syrup 200 ML

  • Liver diseases: It is indicated for the prevention and treatment of liver inflammation, alcohol liver disease, pre-cirrhotic conditions and early cirrhosis( cirrhosis refers to a scarring or permanent damage to liver tissue)
  • Anorexia & appetite loss: Himalaya Liv 52 Syrup uses also extend for anorexia(an eating disorder associated with mental health), loss of appetite and liver damage due to radiation therapy. 
  • Fatty liver: It is also indicated for liver disorders, including fatty liver associated with protein energy malnutrition (PEM - protein-energy malnutrition is a nutritional disorder due to insufficiency of nutrients)
  • Immune system enhancement: Syrup liv 52 uses are also used in adjuvant ( which helps create an increased immune response) during prolonged illnesses and convalescence. 
  • Medicinal benefits: It is also used as a support drug for hepatotoxic drugs like anti-tubercular drugs, statins, chemotherapeutic drugs, and HIV drugs. 
Direction for Use

Directions to use Himalaya Liv 52 Syrup 200 ML

  • Please consult the physician for the dosage that best suits your body as a whole.
  • Read the label instructions carefully before taking the drug
  • Do not take medicine if the expiry date has passed 

Route of administration

  • It is a syrup dosage form. It can be taken orally in measured quantities as prescribed by a doctor.

Dosage information

Liv 52 syrup dosage is prescribed by the doctor.

Daily dose

The recommended dose of Himalaya Liv 52 is as per the label instructions. It can be taken with or without food, as your doctor recommends. The lipaglyn 4mg dosage may change depending on the condition's severity and the medicine's response. Take the prescribed dosage properly and do not exceed the dose by self-decision. 


If you or someone else takes an excessive amount of Himalaya Liv 52 by accident, it is essential to take immediate medical attention from your doctor or nearby hospital. Symptoms of an overdose are rashes, abdominal pain and vomiting. 

Missed dose

If you forget to take the medicine. Take it as soon as you remember. Take the next dose at the scheduled routine. If the time to take the next dose is very near, then skip the dose. Never take medicine more than the prescribed quantity, and consult a doctor in case of questions.

Side Effects

Side effects of Himalaya Liv 52 Syrup 200 ML

Liv 52 syrup is not known to have many side effects. However, the common side effects are 

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea 
  • Abdominal pain 

Managing side effects 

Nausea and vomiting:

  • Drink clear and ice-cold drinks. Eat light and bland foods, and avoid greasy and sweet foods.

Abdominal pain:

  • Reduce caffeine and alcohol consumption.
  • Eat bland food once you start eating. 
  • Drink plenty of clear fluids like water.


  • Drink plenty of fluids, avoid caffeine and alcohol, and eat easily digestible foods like bananas, toast, and fibre-less foods. 



It is a safe drug for pregnant women. But consult your doctor before consuming it. 


It is a safe drug for lactating women. But consult your doctor before consuming it. 


It is not safe to consume alcohol while taking himalaya liv 52 syrup. It is best to avoid alcohol while taking himalaya liv 52 syrup.


The himalaya liv 52 syrup has hepatoprotective properties on the liver. It improves the

Functioning of the liver. For best results, consult the doctor who can prescribe as per the requirements of your health condition. 


The himalaya liv 52 syrup has a protective effect on the kidney in certain health conditions. It is a safe medicine. However, consult the doctor who can prescribe as per the requirements of your health condition. 

Using Machines and Driving

It is usually devoid of any side effects which may hinder using machines and driving. However, if you experience difficulty in using machines and driving due to lack of focus, drowsiness etc. avoid driving and use of machines.  


If you are allergic to any constituents of the himalaya Liv 52 syrup do not take it. Consult the doctor before using it if you are unsure of its safety from allergic conditions. 

Use in Children 

It is safe for children, but before you start the medicine. Ensure the doctor knows about this, and the final call by the doctor can be made. 

Use in older patients 

It is a safe medicine for older people. But before you start the medicine. Ensure the doctor knows about this, and the final call by the doctor can be made. 


The Liv 52 syrup is non-toxic, well -tolerated and without any drug interactions.


Why is Liv 52 syrup prescribed?

It is prescribed for pre and early cirrhosis conditions, alcoholic liver disease, viral hepatitis, and liver damage due to radiation therapy. Consult the doctor before you start taking it. 

What is the use of Liv 52 drops for children?

Liv 52 drops for children are used to prevent and treat hepatitis.

What are the Liv 52 syrup benefits?

The benefits of Liv 52 syrup are It aids in the treatment of jaundice, It helps in the metabolism/assimilation and digestion process and It helps in improving the appetite

How to take Liv 52 syrup?

Take Liv 52 syrup with the prescribed quantity by the doctor. Drink plenty of water while taking the syrup.

How to use Liv 52 syrup?

Take Liv 52 syrup before meals. Consult the doctor on the use of Liv 52 syrup.

When to take Liv 52 syrup?

Take the Liv 52 syrup as directed by the doctor. Follow the instructions given on the label of the drug for understanding.

How does Liv 52 work?

Liv 52 works by scavenging free radicals, inhibiting AST & ALT enzymes, and increasing the immune response (as an adjuvant).

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