Top 10 Supplements to Elevate Your Health to New Heights

By Amatul Ameen | 17th Jan 2024

Top 10 Supplements to Elevate Your Health to New Heights

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are common. As per a study by the US National Library of Medicine, 32% of athletes in professional basketball were found to be deficient, and 47% had insufficient vitamin D levels. Just like an athlete develops a deficiency, a similar situation may arise for any other common individuals, too. Vitamins and minerals are essential micro-nutrients required to carry out normal body functions like fighting infection, wound healing, keeping bones strong, and hormone regulation. Low levels of vitamins like folic acid have been linked to depression. Combining folic acid with anti-depression medication has been found to be useful, especially in women.

When the body’s requirement is not met through regular food, supplements are required. The vitamins and supplements can be obtained from plant or animal sources or can be synthesized in laboratories through chemical reactions. For example, vitamin A can be derived from fish liver oil or synthesized from chemicals like acetone. The purity/quality and efficiency of the products decide the success of the vitamins and supplements, so it’s essential to choose reputed and high-quality brands to make a healthy difference.

Let’s do a quick scan of High-Quality Vitamins and Supplements here to keep you energetic and on the go!

Sevenseas Original Capsule 500/ Sevenseas Original Capsule 100

It is a unique and natural supplement that has been available since 1935. It contains pure cod liver oil and fish oil. It is mainly used for healthy brain development, malnutrition, and immunity.

Evion 600 mg capsule 10

It is an age-old and trusted supplement for the body’s vitamin E requirements. The body does not produce vitamin E, and must be supplemented or taken through diet.
Vitamin E is an antioxidant essential for the body to fight negative energy and nourish them. A long-term Vitamin E deficiency leads to dull skin, wrinkles, hair loss, weak muscles, and prone to injury.

Livogen 152 Mg/1500 Captab 15, Livogen Z Captabs 15, and Livogen Xt Tablet 10

These are the most popular brands prescribed for meeting the iron requirements of the body, especially for pregnant women, undernourished children, poor people, and the elderly one’s. About 70% of the iron in the body is found in red blood cells(RBCs) in haemoglobin and muscle cell part myoglobin. It helps in various functions, including energy building, brain function, muscle function, immunity, and healthy pregnancy.

Polybion Active Advanced Energy Vitamin B Sugar-Free Syrup 300 Ml and Polybion Lc Mango Flavour Syrup 400 Ml

These are the most common requirements of the body, often missed by many due to lifestyle changes. It can increase energy levels so that you can carry out daily activities smoothly and avoid stress and slowness of work. Polybion has an advanced format that is important in increasing appetite and improving immunity. It’s an all-rounder and a perfect fit to meet the daily energy requirements.

Neurobion Forte Tablet 30 and Neurobion Plus Tablet 10

Vitamin B1, B6, and B12 are the nerve health B vitamins in Neurobion. They play an essential role in nerve care. The combination of these three vitamins plays a key role in repairing damaged nerves, effectively transmitting nerve signals, and providing energy for the healthy functioning of the nervous system.

Do not take a back seat; instead, nourish your life with these healthy vitamins and supplements through a daily dose of high-quality supplements to achieve your goals and success in life. Stay healthy & stay happy.


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