Things to Keep in Mind while Pregnant

By Amatul Ameen | 2nd Mar 2023

Things to Keep in Mind while Pregnant

Things “To Do” During pregnancy 

  • Fitness goes hand in hand with the correct eating behaviour for staying fit physically and mentally. Healthy pregnant women can do aerobic exercise for up to 2 hr 30 mins per week. Exercising will prevent pregnancy pain, varicose veins, constipation, backaches, exhaustion, etc. 
  • Fit women get back to healthy weight post-pregnancy. 
  • Regular exercise may improve sleep during pregnancy. It may also help in reducing the risk of preeclampsia and gestational diabetes. 
  • Pregnant women may also be less likely to develop depression or anxiety as exercise ensures emotional well-being. 
  • During exercise, start slow and progress gradually. 
  • Pelvic floor muscles support the urethra, rectum and vagina in the pelvis. Toning these by kegel muscle exercise will pave a safe path for delivery and recovery after childbirth. It also helps control bladder leakage and lowers the chances of getting haemorrhoids. Pelvic muscles and muscles responsible for controlling urine flow are one and the same. It is hard to find the right muscle to squeeze or tone. One way you can find out is when you press the muscle, and it no longer passes urine. 

What are Kegel exercises? 

  1. Tighten the pelvic floor muscle for a count of up to three, then relax for a count of up to three.
  2. Repeat 10-15 times, and it should be done three times a day.

Begin the kegel exercises in the supine position. It’s the easiest position. Doing kegel exercises in standing or sitting position can be done later as you get used to it.

Things “Not To Do” During pregnancy 

  • Do not exercise on the back in the first trimester. It leads to reduced blood flow to the foetus. 
  • Do not work out in extreme heat and humid conditions.
  • Avoid smoking during pregnancy. It leads to harmful effects on both babies and mothers. The baby’s birth weight will be meagre, and eventually, the baby will risk many other health problems. 
  • If the mother consumes alcohol, the baby drinks it too. This will cause foetal alcohol spectrum disorder in the baby. 

Precautions & Care during pregnancy 

  • Precautions or superstitions during pregnancy should be properly handled, as they may sometimes directly affect pregnancy. The myth is that papaya and pineapple may cause miscarriage, contrary to this. Both papaya and pineapple are harmless during pregnancy, but unripe papaya on prolonged use may cause miscarriage due to the papain enzyme in it.
  • It’s safe to have sex during pregnancy, but it is not normal for every woman to have the desire to have sex.
  • Regular antenatal care will avoid many to all problems. This kind of care will resolve many issues which may arise during pregnancy. Around 10-15% of people only experience pregnancy complications like Blood pressure, high sugar etc. these problems can also be solved by antenatal care.
  • There is a popular myth that the excess consumption of ghee in the last trimester will lead to vaginal delivery. As said, it is just a proven myth now; only a moderate amount of ghee is good, but excess consumption will only lead to weight gain.
  • Travelling is usually safe but more desirable during the second trimester as the symptoms like nausea, physical discomfort and sickness are the least during this period. 
  • Care should be taken during the diet plan for pregnant women, as the expecting mother requires more folate, iron and calcium than standard requirements. 
  • An increase in the optimum weight of the expecting mother is good, but more weight gain is unhealthy as it leads to gestational diabetes and high blood pressure.


The pregnancy phase is a unique and critical part of a woman’s life. It brings along a variety of emotions & physical changes. Taking good care and having a nice time will ensure a good and fruitful pregnancy. 

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