Drinking Coffee- Good or Bad for Your Health?

By Dr. Sachin Singh | 27th Oct 2021

Drinking Coffee- Good or Bad for Your Health?

‘’You don’t need inspirational quotes, you need coffee’’

There are times when your body feels low on energy, having a perfect sip of your favourite coffee is all you need to boost energy.
Drinking coffee has always been judged and still remains to be a controversial question!

But according to science drinking coffee in the right amount is not harmful and never will be. So, let’s grab our cup of coffee and explore more about this beverage.

The best time to drink coffee is NOW and the best place to drink coffee is the coffee bars, which serve us a huge list of menu items loaded with a variety of coffee.

So, to keep you updated with the ‘current coffee trends’ let us explore a few most popular types of coffees.

Types of coffee drinks

Affogato, Latte, Americano…. And so many more! There’s a lot which a small coffee bean can do to provide you with the best taste of coffee.

Let us discuss different types of coffee which are popular worldwide.


Drinking coffee which is Espresso based shares 3 common ingredients- steamed milk, foam milk and espresso. Espresso is a coffee-making method, that originated in Italy but due to its wide popularity, it is now a type of coffee drink.

What makes Espresso different from other types of coffee?

Espresso-based types of coffee drinks are a lot more concentrated because they are prepared by a pressurized brewing process.

The amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee varies based on the type of coffee, Espresso has a higher amount of caffeine per unit volume than other types of coffee drinks.


Drinking coffee is blissful, but what if your mug of traditional coffee is replaced by a cappuccino?

Yeah! The happiness doubles.

Cappuccinos are loved by all due to their delicious and creamy taste. These are basically a cup of espresso loaded with milk cream and foam in equal proportion.


Mocha is the best bet for people with a sweet tooth. These are available in a super simple form; Mocha are just a shot of espresso topped with hot chocolate.

Adding steamed milk and sprinkling some chocolate powder in Mocha, just improves your experience of drinking coffee!


A Macchiato is a strong coffee prepared with little addition of milk.
Although the ratio of this changes from place to place but widely speaking Macchiato is an Espresso shot loaded with a tincture of milk.

These are the most popular types of coffees available, but don’t worry there are many other flavours and types available to satisfy your taste buds. Naming a few other types of coffee include- Affogato, Vienna, Breve, Cortado…. and the list goes on.

What is the best time and dosage for drinking coffee?

Ideally, the best time to drink coffee is 30-40 minutes before performing any activity which needs energy investment.

The presence of caffeine in a cup of coffee is responsible to boost energy, hence people who regularly visit the gym always make sure to have coffee before a workout.

Drinking coffee 1-2 cups, 40-45 mins prior to a workout easily provides enough caffeine in the bloodstream for improved performance.

There are a few people who are sensitive to caffeine, which may lead to stomach upset, increased heart rate or anxiety attack, such people are advised not to have coffee before a workout, or any other activity.

Drinking coffee more than the desired quantity has potential risk for side effects like insomnia or caffeine dependency in some cases.
People who start to develop a regular habit of having coffee before a workout should avoid this habit as this has the potential to create coffee addiction before a workout.

5 Amazing health benefits of coffee

The potential health benefits of drinking coffee include:

Lower diabetes

Coffee provides protection against type 2 diabetes mellitus. It has been proven that people who drink coffee possess lesser diabetic complications, caffeine in coffee helps our body to maintain a balance between glucose-insulin levels hence benefiting diabetic patients.

Treats Parkinson’s

Caffeine present in coffee and other beverages helps to treat Parkinson’s disease, researchers have concluded that people who consume caffeine or other caffeine-related beverages have a lower risk of Parkinson’s.

It reduces liver disease

A meta-analysis shows that drinking coffee reduces the risk of liver disease and also liver cirrhosis. People who drink coffee have a lower potential for the development of gallstones.

Coffee protects the liver against autoimmune hepatic inflammation, hence protecting the liver and also increasing the healthy life of the liver.

A person who wishes to enjoy the health benefits of coffee must ensure not to exceed the daily coffee limit since caffeine above the threshold not only damages the body but also causes insomnia and other mental illness.

Drinking coffee in pregnancy?

Pregnant women should limit their coffee consumption to not more than 200mg per day. Also, women must consult their doctor before intake of any caffeine-related product.

Caffeine is a stimulant, women in pregnancy may experience increased heart rate and excessive urination after drinking coffee. Too much caffeine can even cause miscarriage, hence pregnant women are advised to limit or even stop the consumption of coffee.

Risk and side effects of drinking coffee

Most adults can tolerate up to 400 mg of coffee in a day. However, caffeine sensitivity varies from person to person.

Some people can even tolerate higher doses of caffeine while others may experience side effects even with just a cup of coffee.

Common side effects of drinking coffee include:

  • Stomach discomfort
  • Increased heart rate
  • Anxiety
  • Tremors
  • Irritability
  • Nervousness

Extreme coffee intake, followed by vigorous exercise can lead to Rhabdomyolysis, a muscle disorder followed by muscle rupture. No wonder coffee is a delicious add-on to improve your strength during exercise, but people sensitive to caffeine should stop drinking coffee as their pre-workout meal.

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