7 Natural Ways To Improve Eyesight

By Dr. Sachin Singh | 26th Oct 2021

7 Natural Ways To Improve Eyesight

Out of all the five senses we have, the eyes are the ones that enable us to see the beautiful world around us. Do not take your eyes for granted, ever: Your overall health can impact your eye health too. The easiest and most natural way of improving one’s eyesight is none other than Ayurveda.

The screen time of every individual is around 10 hours and is still increasing at an alarming rate. Some of us use preventive measures like wearing anti-glare glasses or switching the screen mode to night mode to reduce the pressure on the eyes, but most of us are still struggling with the same amount of pressure from our phones and laptops. The quality of our eyesight is degrading day by day and the credit goes to prolonged work hours, the sleep-deprived nature of our eyes, and a poor diet.

One way to keep your eyesight under check is to regularly get an eye check-up. This can prevent illnesses as well as detect injuries(if any) of the eye at an early stage only which can ensure its better treatment. Here is the answer to the questions like ‘how to increase eyesight?’ or ‘how to improve eyesight naturally at home?’. Let’s have a look at other steps which can improve our eyesight efficiently, naturally at home.

Take in enough vital vitamins and minerals: According to reports, vitamins A, C, and E, as well as mineral zinc contains the right amount of antioxidants which are very efficient against macular degeneration [it is a condition in which the part of the eye which controls vision(macula) deteriorates]. Natural ways to improve eyesight include the consumption of various fruits and vegetables such as:

  • Carrot.
  • Red peppers.
  • Broccoli.
  • Spinach.
  • Strawberries.
  • Sweet potato.
  • Citrus.

These are the edibles you can consume when you think of an answer to the question of how to increase eye power at home remedies:

1. Always include the carotenoids:

Carotenoids are substances known to increase eyesight carotenoids found in the retina include lutein and zeaxanthin. Which can be easily found in green leafy vegetables such as broccoli and eggs. Consumption of these food articles will surely result in better eye power.

Furthermore, Lutein and zeaxanthin can also be taken in the form of supplements. They increase eyesight by protecting the macula. They improve the pigment density of the macula and absorb UV & blue lights of the atmosphere. Now you know the answer to the question of how to increase eye power.

2. Start working out:

Start exercising and maintaining a healthy routine, not just for the sake of your eyes but for the sake of your whole body to remain healthy. Obese people are more susceptible to eye problems. Type-2 Diabetes, which is more likely to be detected in overweight or obese people, can cause potential damage to the blood vessels present in the eyes. This condition is known as diabetic retinopathy. The delicate walls of the arteries are damaged by too much sugar being circulated in your system daily.

As a result of diabetic retinopathy, the minute arteries present in your retina – can get damaged. They can leak blood and fluid into the eye, and as the retina is the light-sensitive back part of the eye, your vision can suffer a great loss. Thus, it is very important to remain fit, strong, and active and hence, everyone should try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

3. Have a schedule to manage chronic conditions:

Not only diabetes can ruin your vision. Other serious conditions like high blood pressure and multiple sclerosis can deteriorate your eye health too. They are linked with chronic inflammation, which can potentially harm your health and obviously, your eye health. For example, inflammation of the optic nerve, in any condition, can cause pain and even complete vision loss for life.

A disease like multiple sclerosis cannot be prevented. It can only be managed or regulated with the help of healthy habits and prescribed medications. Not only multiple sclerosis but many kinds of chronic diseases can be kept under control if you stay fit and active. These are the natural ways to increase eyesight.

4. Always put on protective eyewear:

whenever you are doing a job that involves even the slightest of risk factors, do not take it lightly. Always wear protective eyewear whether it’s an experiment in school or college or any other simple task. Protective eyewear is crucial when the risk of chemical, sharp object, or any risky material is involved.

You can use protective goggles, which are made up of a material known as polycarbonate. Which is almost 10 times tougher than any other form of plastic available around us. The protective eyewear also includes sunglasses and goggles. Sunglasses are not worn just to look good, but they also improve your eyesight and also block almost 99 -100% of UV A and UV B radiation.

They help against many kinds of eye damage such as cataracts, macular degeneration, and pterygium (a medical condition where the growth of tissue takes place over the white part of the eye). Further, pterygium can lead to astigmatism which can give rise to blurred vision. Another accessory which you can wear to protect your eyes from the damage caused by the sun and its rays is a hat. It can also save you from getting sunburn or sun tanning.

5. Focus on the 20-20-20 rule:

As eyes work all day long and rest only when we sleep, they also require frequent breaks. Your eyes can get strained if you work continuously for long periods in one go. To reduce this, keep in mind the 20-20-20 rule. According to this rule, every 20 mins, you need to stop staring at the screen and you need to look at any object which is 20 feet away from you for 20 minutes. This exercise eases the strain on your eyes and also relaxes them a bit. Follow regularly to maintain good eye health.

6. Quit smoking today:

we all know that smoking is bad for the heart as well as the lungs. But did you know that smoking is bad for your eyes too? Smoking raises the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration with age drastically. It affects the blood vessels of the eye which can even result in the loss of vision. Thus, quit smoking at the earliest because the sooner you quit smoking, the more benefits will adapt yourself and your body.

Stay healthy, stay safe!

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