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Ayurvedic Diet For Weight Loss

Last updated on : 15 Jul, 2024

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Ayurveda is an ancient practice that originated in India long back. The Sanskrit word “Ayurveda” means “life science.”

Ayurvedic weight loss techniques work that encourages consuming foods that are appropriate according to your constitutional type (Doshas). The diet for weight loss is based on the energy of each dosha. Which helps to determine the best food to boost health, manage the disease and maintain overall good health.

Ayurvedic medicines promote a healthy body by following a series of ayurvedic diet charts which also includes lifestyle changes, sleeping patterns, and several ways for mindful living.

Ayurvedic weight loss treatment is potentially the best way to shed off extra fat from the body with minimal or no side effects.

So now, know ayurvedic weight loss approaches and top tips to manage weight in the comfort of your home.

Ayurvedic weight loss diet tips

If you have too many diet charts stuck on the walls of your house, but are always confused as to which one to follow, the Ayurvedic diet chart for weight loss is here for your rescue.

Ayurveda suggests some simple remedies for weight loss treatment in a healthier way.

Effective ayurvedic diet plan tips for weight loss

1. Consume 3 meals in a day 

Ayurvedic tradition follows the concept that digestive fire and transformation are interlinked together.

Ayurveda suggests that for maintaining a healthy metabolism must consume proper and reliable food that can be easily digested by our gastric enzymes and chemicals. Ayurvedic weight loss treatment suggests consuming healthy digestible meals every day without snacking in between meals to maintain a proper balance.

Following this ayurvedic diet plan adequately stimulates digestive fire and maintains a healthy metabolism.

2. Eat a kapha-pacifying diet

Ayurvedic diet for weight loss includes a Kapha-Pacifying diet that works by removing the excess Kapha from the body and also changes the body for the good.

Kapha ayurvedic weight loss diet includes foods that are rough, warm, dry, and easily digestible.

3. Healthy sleeping pattern

Maintaining an unhealthy sleeping pattern can not only ruin the health of a person but weight as well. Modern research states that insomniac people have a higher fat deposit in their bodies when compared to people who follow a healthy sleeping pattern.

According to Ayurveda the ideal time for maintaining healthy sleep is between 10 pm to 6 am

4. Sip on tea or hot water

Ayurvedic diet plan suggests that consuming hot water dissolves the toxin content present in the body. Toxins gather in the body from external sources like consuming unhealthy foods, pollution, etc.

Toxins are sticky and can easily get dissolve when in contact with hot water. 

Ayurveda suggests consuming a few sips of hot water early in the morning when you wake up.

5. Consume dinner before 7 PM

Ayurvedic weight chart emphasizes the fact that consuming light meals before 7 PM is the most ideal time for maintaining healthy metabolism of the body.

Early meal consumption before going to sleep, empties the stomach at the time when people go to bed hence supporting the natural detoxification process at night.

Ayurvedic weight loss treatment suggests consuming salads and soup for proper cleansing action overnight.

6. Exercise regularly

Manage to take out some time from your hectic schedule to engage in exercise. People who regularly practice exercise tend to have better metabolic rates and are more efficient in burning excessive fat from the body. For specific exercises that can help target and reduce belly fat, check out our article on exercise to reduce belly fat.

Engage in activities like running, swimming, walking, or any physical activity that involves full-body movement. The best time of the day to practice these physical activities is early in the morning when the body just starts to get back to its normal pace.

These ayurvedic weight loss tips may not prove to be effective in a shorter duration but they are showing many benefits in the long run of life. Following a healthy lifestyle is a golden key to maintaining a strong and healthy body.

Ayurvedic diet chart

Are you struggling to figure out the best diet for you?

Follow this simple Ayurvedic weight loss diet chart that makes you shed a few kilos easily.


Consume hot water or ginger tea with honey or fresh lemon juice early in the morning with an empty stomach, followed by apples, pear, or berries.


Since lunch is a midday meal and is supposed to be the largest, we divide it into 3 main portions:

Half: Consume vegetables that contain minimal or no starch at all

One-fourth: Toast or grains which contain an ample amount of energy

One-fourth: This portion mainly includes consuming a large amount of protein in the diet

Evening snack

Instead of eating regular fatty snacks in the evening. Ayurvedic weight loss treatment is consuming pumpkin or sunflower seeds, dry fruits like almonds, resins, etc.


The ayurvedic diet chart for weight loss in dinner must constitute of vegetable soups that are made with turmeric, fenugreek, and pepper.


People can indulge their sweet tooth by balancing their desserts with spices. Try consuming a cup of low-fat milk accompanied by spices like saffron or cinnamon.

Eating principles according to Ayurveda include

  1. Always eat mindfully
  2. Chew slowly and completely
  3. Consume proper quantity of food
  4. Never skip breakfast or lunch
  5. Only consume the next meal when the previous meal you consumed has been fully digested
  6. Maintain a balance while consuming salty foods, don’t consume a lot of salt or very little.
  7. Always begin your meal with sweet food materials.

All the above ayurvedic diets for weight loss are most effective. When accompanied by performing physical activities regularly as they play a key role in burning the excessive fat from the body which can otherwise get accumulated and get deposited in the body.

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