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What is Atherosclerosis and what makes it so important?

Undoubtedly the most common cause of angina and acute coronary syndrome, atherosclerosis in a not a term unheard of. It is the leading cause of deaths all over the globe and has proven to be significant health issue in the 21st century.

Atherosclerosis is a progressive inflammatory disorder of the arterial wall. It is characterized by focal fat-rich deposits that impair tissue perfusion and even block vessels, which is known as thromboembolism.

One of the most commonly occurring sites of atherosclerosis are the coronary arteries that supply blood to the heart. Occlusion of these arteries lead to under-perfusion of the heart which can lead to a number of cardiac issues that collectively constitute the Coronary Artery Disease.

Risk Factors and Causes

Atherosclerosis is a slow gradual process that is precipitated by various risk factors most of which are dependent on one’s lifestyle. A few of these factors are:

  1. Age and gender

  2. Genetic Susceptibility

  3. Smoking

  4. Hypertension

  5. High Cholesterol

  6. Diabetes Mellitus

  7. Obesity

  8. Lack of physical activity

  9. Alcohol Consumption

  10. Consumption of large amount of fats


Atherosclerosis is a chronic disorder which develops over a large span of time, usually starting around mid-age. Depending on one’s lifestyle, it can manifest as one of the following health issues:

  1. Stable angina

  2. Unstable angina

  3. Myocardial Infarction

  4. Heart failure

  5. Arrhythmias

Most of these disorders have common symptoms like hypertension, weakness, breathlessness, chest pain, dizziness, inability to do day to day tasks, etc.


It can be prevented in most individuals with lifestyle modifications that include a low sodium and cholesterol diet, inclusion of more fibers, physical exercise and weight loss, etc.

Regardless of this, once the clinical symptoms start to show, the treatment needs to be prescribed by an experienced physician.

The doctor might suggest a few tests to identify the cause and location of these fatty plagues and devise a way to treat the condition depending on that.

The treatment protocol suggests removal of the plagues using endoscopy techniques and the administration of specific drugs to prevent the plagues from forming again. These might include statins and medicines to control the symptoms like those used for hypertension.

It is important to note the critical nature of this disorder that mandates one to visit a physician as soon as one is encountered with similar symptoms occurring regularly.


Atherosclerosis is one of the most important health concerns in the present day. Factors like stress, depression, and a lousy lifestyle are some of the factors that might precipitate it to grow into a major health risk.

The best way to stop this disorder is to prevent it from growing in the first place, with the help of modifications in one’s lifestyle and to adopt a healthier notion to living.

It can sure be managed lest one falls prey to it. One needs to be careful, as it can be easily ignored without realizing the risk it comes with. It is also important to note that the treatment for this disease tends to be on the expensive side, and requires ones to take medicines for the rest of their lives on a regular basis.

It is hence vital to know about alternate medicine options which can help you save up to 80% on your medicine bills.

With the right amount of determination and hard work, nothing is difficult. So, get up and start exercising to prevent this disorder from coming towards you.

Stay health, Stay safe!

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