• Dr. Sachin Singh

Of the 7 crore epilepsy patients worldwide, around 1.3 crore people reside in India.

Of the 7 crore epilepsy patients worldwide, around 1.3 crore people reside in India. According to a recent study, 12 out of 1000 people in India have epilepsy and this number is increasing yearly. 68% of Indians live in rural areas & this population suffers epilepsy twice as much as the people living in urban areas. Only 10% of people in rural areas receive treatment for epilepsy compared to urban areas of which 90% of people receive appropriate treatment.

Epilepsy also called the seizure disorder is a chronic disorder of the brain which occurs due to electrical wave changes in the brain.

Just like the heart has ECG waves for diagnosis of heart conditions, EEG waves are responsible for diagnosing epilepsy.

Many people with active epilepsy do not receive appropriate treatment for their condition, leading to a large treatment gap between the urban and rural populations. This gap is mainly due to a lack of knowledge of antiepileptic drugs, poverty, cultural beliefs, stigma, poor health infrastructure and shortage of trained professionals. Infections like Tuberculosis, HIV, Viral Encephalitis also remain the main cause of epilepsy.

Factors causing epilepsy

• Family history

• Genetic disorders

• Head trauma

• Infectious diseases

• Prenatal injury – Cerebral palsy

• Stroke and other vascular diseases

• Dementia

• Seizures in childhood

• Alcohol & drug abuse

• Stress

• Less sleep

How to prevent epilepsy

• Get plenty of sleep by setting a regular sleep schedule.

• Learn stress management and relaxation techniques.

• Avoid drugs and alcohol.

• Take all of your medications as prescribed by your doctor.

• Avoid bright, flashing lights.

• Skip TV and computer time whenever possible.

• Do not stop the medication until advised by the neurologist.

Treatment of epilepsy

Epilepsy cannot be treated, only controlled.

Control of epilepsy is only possible with multiple anti-epileptic medications.

Surgery is needed in cases that require the removal of a small part of the brain causing epilepsy.

Authored by:

Dr. Sachin Singh

30th September 2019

Dr. Sachin completed his MBBS IN 2017 & has worked as a resident medical officer in Neurology due to his special interest in neurological cases. He likes to take part in spreading awareness about lifestyle disease among common people as it has become a major issue in India.

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