• Dr Tarundeep Kaur

Generic medicines can lower the cost burden of diabetes

1. Are you or anyone in your family suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure?

2. Do you find it difficult to afford your monthly medicines?

If the answer to any of the questions above is YES for you, you will find the below-mentioned facts extremely useful.

Most developed countries in the world (US, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia etc.) either have health insurance plans or universal free healthcare to pay for your monthly medicine expenses. And even though India is 3rd largest in terms of volume of medicines consumed, 95% of the medicine cost in India is paid out of pocket by the patient.

The financial burden of diabetes include fees for consultation, medicine, and hospitalization costs. One approach for decreasing the cost of medicine in diabetes care is buying generic drugs. Generic drugs are the bioequivalence of brand-name drugs with precisely the same dosage, planned use, impacts, side effects, route of administration, hazards, safety, and power as the brand drugs. The increased inclusion of generic medicines in the prescription can significantly bring the cost of care down in case chronic diseases like diabetes.

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Authored by:

Dr. Tarundeep Kaur

16 October 2019

Dr. Tarundeep's experience in the medical field extends from practicing as a general physician for almost 10 years to more recently working as clinical lead in one of the top e-pharmacies in India. She strongly believes in merging medicine with the latest technology to provide convenient, accessible and cost-effective patient care.

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