• Dr. Sachin Singh

1 out of 5 deaths in India are due to hypertension (blood pressure) and its complications as of 2019

Blood pressure that is constantly higher than the recommended level of 140/90 mm Hg is called hypertension. Due to a lack of symptoms, this condition gets detected only years after the actual onset.

High blood pressure can lead to disability and heart diseases leading to major complications lasting for life-long. There is a 50% increased chance of getting hypertension if both parents have hypertension, hence it is important to have constant blood pressure check-up after the age of 30 as by 2020 1/5th of young individuals are expected to be having hypertension in India.

Hypertension mainly affects the heart and it becomes 2 times more difficult for the heart to pump the blood, causing the heart to enlarge & weaken. It affects by narrowing the artery thus leading to the decreased blood supply, heart attack & blockage of 1 or more arteries supplying the heart.

About 16% of ischemic heart disease (inadequate supply of blood to the heart), 21% of peripheral arterial diseases(impaired circulation of blood in body), 24% of acute heart attack, and 29% of strokes (decreased supply of blood to the brain) can all be attributed to this condition.

Lifestyle changes are very important in managing and preventing hypertension which can be achieved by following these simple tips:

Tips to prevent Hypertension.

  • Eating a healthy diet.

  • Maintaining a healthy weight.

  • Decrease salt intake.

  • Getting enough physical activity.

  • Not smoking.

  • Limiting alcohol use.

Medications may be needed for people in whom the condition has spiraled out of control. In case a heart disease develops, and complications arise, treatment and surgery could be advised.

Authored by:

Dr. Sachin Singh

30th September 2019

Dr. Sachin completed his MBBS IN 2017 & has worked as a resident medical officer in Neurology due to his special interest in neurological cases. He likes to take part in spreading awareness about lifestyle disease among common people as it has become a major issue in India.

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