The Key Difference Between Piles and Fissures

If you’re looking for information on piles and fissures, you’ve come to the right place. Piles and fissures are two types of anal disorders that are often confused. While both conditions can cause discomfort and pain, they are different in terms of their causes, symptoms, and treatments. Both piles and fissures can be treated with […]

Dr. Sonia Gupta | 9th Mar 2023

The Key Difference Between Piles and Fissures

Disease, Home or Natural Remedies

Piles (Hemorrhoids): symptoms and home remedies

What are Piles? The piles, also called haemorrhoids, are caused by swollen blood vessels in or around your anus (the opening of your bottom). It’s totally normal to have blood vessels in your anus because they help you stay watery. But piles can happen if these blood vessels get enlarged and you feel sick. Your […]

Dr. Sachin Singh | 6th Jun 2022

Piles (Hemorrhoids): symptoms and home remedies

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